The Popularity of Silver Plating

During your younger years, you might be one of those people who love collecting silver jewelries and coins. For sure, you had a great time dividing your treasures among your buddies. Indeed, silver is pleasing to the eye, not just for kids, but for adults as well. But do you know that the silver jewelries that you have in your collection won’t look as radiant if not for the process of silver plating? This process is done in order to bond a very thing layer of silver towards a base metal. The layer is very thin and is often measured by means of microns and the most common base metals used for the plating, whether it is the Silver Electro Plating, are the copper and brass.

Silver or Sterling Plated

When buying silver jewelries, it is important that you know the difference between silver plating and sterling silver. Sterling silvers are not pure silver. They look like real one but they are relatively softer and could damage easily. The metal component is usually combined with other metals in order to improve its strength and durability. If you have noticed, some of the silver jewelries would have markings in them, such as 92.5. These markings are proof that the jewelry is a sterling silver. The figures connote the purity of silver and are commonly used as jewelry or as household accessories due to its impeccable beauty.

Silver Electro Plating

Another method used to enhance the silver jewelry is by means of Silver Electro Plating. The process is done by blending certain solutions, such as the hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulphuric acid, plating solution, and many more. Sometimes, a copper wire will be used in order to ensure that the piece of jewelry is clean. The jewelry will need to be placed on some diluted silver plating solution and such solution can be easily bought at any of the craft stores near you, and some online stores too.

Silver Plated Jewelry

The silver plated jewelries are much cheaper than the sterling silver. The silver plated ones have gone through the process of silver plating which means that the jewelry is coated with a silver coating. The method is sometimes called electroplating. The method is applied on most inexpensive fashion jewelries that are made from steel or those with poor quality. There are so many cheap home electroplating systems that you can buy in the market now. Just take note that the thickness of the silver plated jewelry will be determined by the strength of electrical current, as well as the silver concentrate on the dipping mixture. The length of time that the jewelry will be submerged on the mixture needs to be considered as well.

If you are uncertain about the coating of your silver jewelry. you better see an expert silversmith in your local area. He will be able to inspect the jewelry well to find out if it has gone through the Silver Electro Plating process.



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